Blog: Just stop


I hope everyone is well.

The last few weeks have been insanely busy. At work and at home life has been moving at a fast pace, with little time to think and just stop. After a few weeks of the none stop pace, I am starting to feel burnt out.

Right now I am sat on a plane to Gibraltar. This is flight feels like the first time I’ve actually stopped in weeks. I love going on holiday, but even the pace of getting to the airport and going through the system is stressful.

I finally feel like I have stopped. A three hour flight to Gibraltar means I am forced to stop. On the plane there is really much to do, I am sat watching a horror film (Don’t Hang Up). I am enjoying this intermission, even if is enforced.
I am so grateful for this intermission. When life gets to a sustained fast pace, I find it can very overwhelming. Its difficult to manage priorities in life when everything is urgent.

I’ve been working through how I am feeling, I know when I get back from my trip things need to change. I’m going to make a fee changes to hopefully slow the pace of life down for a while.

But for now, my flight is about an hour away from Gibraltar. It is one of my favourite places. I am looking forward to a slower paced week, and just stopping for a while.

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