Blog: I love getting older


Today is my birthday, I have turned 39 years old. I am grateful to be getting older, each and every day.

It might sound odd, that I am glad to be getting older. It means I am grateful to be alive and living my life. I certainly do not wish for the opposite: death.

Getting older seems scary, yes. Bit break it down it and it is really only one day ending and the next beginning. That is life. I am only one day older than yesterday.

I’ve had a time in life where I did not want to be alive. I am now grateful for each day I have.
I live getting older as it means I have my life.
I get it, this is unconventional. We should be living in fear of getting old. But I’ve never been one to follow the general rules or views of life.

Life my way.

Each day, with gratitude

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