Blog: Just do it.


Hello everyone

This blog was written on the 10th of September 2021. This is one of many blogs I have handwritten in a writing journal but never actually posted digitally.

This blog was written on Formby beach whilst on holiday in the northwest of England, as part of my birthday celebrations last year.

That is always hope in this world. This world is what you make of it. If you can believe in yourself then you can achieve anything. The only limitations are those we set for ourselves. Dream out loud and do not hold yourself back.

The opinions of other people do not matter, you are awesome, so do not let anyone else hold you back. In my experience haters are always going to hate you. The key point here is their opinions hold no value, just do not listen to them. They just do not understand you, be who you are supposed to be.

This is your journey, make sure the people that you carry with you add value. It can take a lot of strength to do this, but if they not adding value do not be afraid to burn those bridges. If people want to be part of your life it should be viewed as a privilege not right. People change overtime, sometimes you do have to cut them loose or alter how they participate in your life.

you are not responsible for the happiness of other people. You can support and contribute to the lives of others, but you are never responsible plus someone else’s happiness.

It can be hard to cut people out of our lives, whether this is removing them from your digital life or in person. Your wellbeing and goals matter, sometimes people must go.

This may be tough to achieve when it comes to family. You cannot choose your family but being genetically related someone does not obligate you to include them in your life. Sometimes even a family member can lose the privilege of being part of your life.

my point is just do you. Life is so short; so, live this life how you want to. There is no requirement to live your life how others think you should live it.

Stick to your journey. You had totally got this

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