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In life we often have options and decisions to make. I have found myself thinking about what comes next in a few areas of my life.
At the moment this quite few decisions to be made. Inevitable changes are coming, not necessarily bad ones but I will need to. I’ve done a lot of thinking lately, about what actually matters, I’ve decided I’m going to prioritise happiness the key element in the decisions I need to make for myself.
After the 12th of December I don’t have a job, a date that is getting closer. I have been considering my focus in this job hunting should be. I’ve decided for my next job happiness and contentment on my highest priority. I don’t want to do a job for the sake of it if it makes me unhappy. Going forwards I’m putting myself first, because no one else will do this for me.
I’ll take my time with this, try to find the best fit for me. As daunting as it may sound I’m fully prepared to say no to job offers if they don’t feel right. I don’t want to risk my future happiness at this stage of my life.
It can be very difficult to deal with forward thinking in a positive way. This specific example does have high potential to put me into a sense of anxiety and unrest. I’ve chosen to control the situation the best I can. I’m applying what I’ve learned from my past experiences through difficult times, when making difficult decisions. Looked at why felt I did wrong and I’m going to do better for myself. This is because I’ve become more resilient.
Life can throw you a curveball sometimes. Right now I’m really content with my career and where I’m at, but nothing lasts forever. Some curveballs you see coming comment, but often you don’t see it coming.
When making decisions about the future I do try to focus on finding out what I actually want, that’s something really difficult sometimes. I made myself a short life plan for the next few weeks this has helped me Set some goals and priorities, and this is helped me I feel better about the situation.
Life is never simple, there’s always different elements at play. We do our best to balance these where we can, but it can often be inharmonious. Many of the big decisions I’ve got coming in the next few weeks I sent it to or linked to my health. Covid had a big impact on my thinking. My plans have had to focus on health, well-being and exercise. All areas of my life back on track.
How we deal with difficult times and big decisions varies from person to person. Planning, goal setting and Focusing on what I wanted helps me get through these times.
If you’re facing difficult times for a big decision, don’t be afraid to take time out to think about it. If you been pressured externally by someone else to make a split second life changing decision, ask yourself is this right for me. I dislike having to make life altering decisions on the spot.
Life is not a race. It is ok to take time out to think about what you want from life.
There is a great temptation to draw comparisons between my life and where friends and family are at in their life. Of late friends have moved overseas, gotten married, are moving in together, expecting children or starting a business. It could be easy for me to look at these events in other peoples lives and put myself down because I am not where other people are at with their lives. But I will not be doing that. I am living my life on my terms and focusing on what’s best for me. None of what my friends and family are accomplishing is right for me right now.
I say this a lot, I don’t have all the answers. I also know I am right to live by my own guide to achieve what is best for me.
Do not let other people tell you cannot achieve something. I don’t let other people destroy my passions or things that bring me joy.
I’ve got this, and so have you.

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  1. Danny says:

    100%, do what makes you happy. Look after number 1.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. James says:

      Exactly, gotta put myself first. No one is gonna do this for me


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