Blog: My current exercise goal


Hello All

I hope everyone is well. I am currently relaxing in my Manchester hotel room before an early flight in the morning.

When it comes to exercise, I always like to have some form of a plan in place for the days ahead to help guide my progression. I guess that’s a skill that has continued on from my days working in a gym ten years ago.

I was recently challenged (or confronted, actually I don’t know what that right word is right now) over the reason I was exercising. These were people who don’t know me, and were quite pushing me to conform to their idea of how I should exercise. I politely told them where to shove it.

I’m probably not going to conform to any standard answer to why I exercise. It is purely for my mental health. Maybe I don’t have the best techniques, the most effective work out plans or life the heaviest weights – but I don’t care.  My main exercise goal is to look after my mental health.  Exercise is one of the best coping techniques I have, I love it, it makes me feel better and allows me time to think.

Sure the exercise is great for my physical health, but right now my goal is simply keeping my mental health in a good place through exercise. Anything else good that comes from it is a positive bonus.


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