Blog: Signing Off


Hello Everyone

It’s been a while since I posted a blog. Life got very busy outside of work of late, and I’ve also been unwell for the last few days.  Before I knew it, time has really gotten away from me. Time flies as they say.

I am taking an extended break from work – this is my last day until mid-June.  D I’ll be over in Gibraltar in my apartment for a while, though it is very likely I’ll be sharing a blog written from my sun lounger by the pool.

The last blog I wrote, I never actually posted. It was a massive rant, which I decided not to finish writing – but it did feel good to write out what was going on in my head though!

Writing for your mental health is something this is very therapeutic. It lets you address stuff that might be on your mind, and it’s a way to stop bottling things up too. Life can get in the way sometimes and it can be overwhelming.  Having a space just for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and reflections can be a very good coping mechanism. 

Journaling does not need to be as rigid. There are many different techniques out there. Many techniques prescribe that you do journal every day. For me, I think its about finding the approach the works best for you. Find an approach or structure for a journal that works for you, and then adapt it. There’s many paid for guided journals, websites and apps you can use – some are quite expensive. In a time of high inflation, I prefer the cheap option. Grab a pen and paper, or a blank word document on your personal device and just write.

Writing is not for everyone, I get that – just in the same way talking to someone about what is going on in life does not work for everyone either.  There is no fixed or one size fits all approach to your wellbeing.  The key word from the last sentence is “your” wellbeing. Find approaches that work and fit with your life. Boost your wellbeing and coping methods in a way that suits your life.

Self care is key, maybe writing is for you, maybe it is not. But whatever you do in life, keep shining.

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