Blog: With thanks


Hello from Qawra, Malta.

I am writing this blog on Friday 29 April. The sun is shining and I am enjoying a peaceful morning.

One of the ten key areas of happiness is giving. It feels to both receive and give it out thanks. Sadly the place I work reserves thanks mainly for monetary rewards and bonuses. These schemes are fantastic, but just saying that thank you can go a really long way.

A simple thank you or expression of praise feels good to receive. But what is often underestimated is how good it can make us feel to be the person saying thank you or giving praise.

Giving includes practicing gratitude… but I will not go into that in this post, I talk about that alot!

Giving your time, giving care or attention can also feel good. I am away in Malta by myself, bur I’ve still found an outlet to give. I am a cat lover, and a cat dad to two beautiful moggies. Here in Malta, there is a large population of feral cats. My small act of giving on this trip has to buy cat biscuits and feed the local cat population. This brings me joy, and I hope, helps the cats for a shirt while too.

This may seem like a small act of kindness, but it feels good to help another being, even if it’s just for a few days.


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