Blog: The voyage home



Hello everyone

This blog is written on 1 May 2022, during a two hour delay to my flight back to Manchester.

Happy May day.

As I return home today, the first elements of my every day life and routine return to me. Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in England so I do at least have another day to settle back in before my return to work.

As I return to reality I’ve started to think about my priorities. Whilst away I’ve been having a very restive time, in part to allow my foot/ankle injury to heal and also to allow myself to relax, with proper head space.

Exercise is something I enjoy and will be a high priority on my return. Often a lot of things I do in life. I am going to get back to using my Home gym, with a possible short workout this evening. That will nicely ease me back into the routine with a trip to the gym tomorrow. It will be good to see if my ankle has improved during the 10 days of rest.

It is always a sad time to return from a holiday. Many of us experience what I call the post holiday blues. I do feel that pang somewhat right now, but I also look back on this trip with immense joy and gratitude. I’ve been on adventures and seen new things, I’ve also relaxed by the pool and relaxed. The memory and joy of this trip should be carried with me for a while.

I will be soon back home. There are the small things to look forward to including my cats and sleeping in my own bed. Yes, work is also imminent but that is a part of life too, an important one.

Whether your returning from a long trip, or just a few days away from home, I encourage you to focus on the positives from your trip and of your return.

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