Blog: A moment in time


Hello from Qawra, Malta!

After three days of exploring the Maltese islands, I am having a relaxing day by the pool. I’ve seen some wonderful and stunning sights over the last few days. The highlight was swimming in the sea at the Blue Lagoon, where the waters are pure blue. There were fishes swimming around me, and it was so clear.

It seems our lives are becoming faster paced and there seems to be a growing push to be as busy as possible at all times. For some this is something to be celebrated, no judgement here… we are all different and we all thrive in different ways.

I’ve found over time my needs and ways to thrive have changed. I no longer seel big nights out with lots of people. I’m more content to have a slower and more peaceful life with adventures and calm relaxation. Each to their own. I bet someone reading this thinks that sounds boring!

This blog is not trying to make any huge revelations on life. Just really been thinking about what really matters in life. I have certainly been reminded of the benefits of taking time out to do things that bring you joy.

My holiday has had adventures, exploring and pool days. A good balance of things that bring me joy. The trick is balance for me.

I hope you find some time for a little joy in your day.

For now, I am heading into the pool.


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