Blog: New Year, New Me? How about not!

So here we are in a new year. I just want to say don’t feel forced to join in with New Year’s resolutions if you do not want to.

If than you year has inspired, you to set goals and make positive changes to your life then that is excellent. I hope you achieve everything you’re seeking and now you have totally got this.

If life is a struggle right now, I can completely understand that we don’t always have the bandwidth to make changes to our lives. For many of us then you year can be a time when life is quite messy. Sometimes the focus must be on getting through the day, sometimes that’s hour to hour.

In January we can be overwhelmed with “new year, new me” messaging. I feel this can be quite triggering for those who are struggling. Life is supposed to be messy, but it is OK to talk. If you can’t talk write it down.

The first part of January is not a happy time for me either. I lost my dad in early January on the anniversary of his death looms at the start of each year. Time only heals so much. I still struggle as the 13th of January approaches every year.

I do not set new year’s resolutions or goals. For me the first part of January is a time for self kindness and continuity. I did do a goal writing exercise, but this was on the 27th of December. I set myself goals that would come into effect from late January. My plan for January or at least the first part of it is simple, keep on going, survival.

So, if you are not feeling the “new year, new me” positivity, you have my sympathy and my understanding.

You are not alone.

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