Blog: Working from home survival

So here in the UK, I think we are on the fourth wave of covid cases. As per usual more restrictions have been introduced and in England we’re back to a work from home if you can directive.

Some people love working from home (including myself), some people hate it. Others have just reached fatigue with it.

If your not enjoying the sudden loss of flexibility to work from home or the office, you are definitely not going to be alone.

You may be interested in an article published on the i website which is a guide to boosting your wellbeing during a work from home directive. Check this article here.

For me personally, its something I’ve gotten used to. I fall into a high risk category so I had not returned to the office with any regularity. I am trying to find a balance between looking after myself due to my higher risk and living my life. My “in person” social life has taken the biggest hit for these precautions, but it has felt like the right thing for me to stay safe. I am so grateful to my friends who stick by me through online and digital means. It has helped me maintain a form of a social life, even during restrictions.

When it comes to working from home – for me clear barriers and divisions between work and my private life are key. When I am not working, I’m offline and the laptop is switched off. I’ll even use an out of office to let people know when I’m not working. I also utilise my calendar fully – I make it clear when my lunch break is, which I consider part of my private life. I also book times in when I am doing actual work and I don’t want to take meetings. This is key for stress reduction.

I also use methods such as taking screen breaks to move away from the laptop – this might be a few minutes with my cats, a quick breath of fresh air and a trip to make a coffee. All of this helps me manage my wellbeing whilst working from home.

Personally, I love home working – it helps me manage my anxiety disorder in a safe and comfortable environment, and I’ve added coping techniques to my life/routine that make it work for me. I also recognise that there is no one size fits all approach for wellbeing, so finding out the right coping techniques for yourself is critical.

Sometimes we find inspiration from others. What are your techniques for surviving working from home?

Stay safe, oh, and my new training course on wellbeing at work is coming in February 🙂

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