Blog: Live long and prosper


Lately I have been plagued by writers block, thus has affected me in many ways, from holding up my blog posts, my creative writing and work on the new wellbeing courses. It’s very frustrating, yet its the topic of writing itself that’s managed to help me write today. Ironic, yes, but right now I am just going to roll with it.

The written word has to be one of the greatest achievements humans have ever made. To document our world, to spin our stories, to express love or to weive together the fabric of our world. Writing, to me feels like something that binds us together and also enshrines our uniqueness.

Writing has literally saved my life more than once. The power of being able to express myself when my anxiety has meant I completely lost my voice. Writing saved me in the past, in my darkest moments where I no longer wanted to be alive, the written word saved me.

Anxiety can take my voice away. But through writing I can still express myself. There’s been many people who provide support, but without writing I do not feel I would still be alive.

Expression from writing comes in so many forms to me. Journaling helps me to clear my mind and creative writing helps me to tell stories to help me process my world. My songwriting helped me through dark times of death, and when I had my heart broken.

I write to live. I don’t share much of what I write. I have been published numerous times, but you would struggle to find my published items. I write for me, I sometimes write for you.

I worry about writers block, it unnerves me. Keeping so much inside, stuck behind a locked door and shackled. That feels alien to me.

I wrote this on my phone. But right now I found some words.

It may sound strange, but tonight I watched the final episodes of three TV shows I have been watching lately:

• Star Trek Enterprise

• Sex and the city

• Crazy ex girlfriend.

This evening had been an adventure in space, laughing through song and love, and saying goodbye to characters I’ve engaged with for a few weeks. Endings, but stories about life and all the possibilities out there.

I found my words today, and I am content.

Live long and prosper my reader.

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