Blog: Comfort in Sound

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well.  I’m now back at work following my recent holiday.

In dark and trying times, we often cling on to the things that make us feel better.  I am not hiding the fact that I’ve been experiencing low mood for the last few days. It is just the way I am feeling.

I often listen to music that fits my mood (as I am sure many of us do). I’ve been listening to an album I’ve not played since my Dad passed away, ‘Comfort in Sound’ by Feeder.  The album was written following the sudden death (by suicide) of drummer Jon Lee.  The album explores the themes of loss and the feelings connected to this.  The lyrics from the album have given my solace during these dark times.

This album may sound like a dark and negative thing to focus on, but right now it has really been helping me out. Its not just this one album, I generally find my own comfort in sound. I would never say I have much of a singing voice, but singing at difficult times helps me to find my voice so I can keep on moving forwards.  It also helps boost how I feel.

It might sound strange, but the PlayStation game Sing Star is actually one of my go to coping techniques in difficult times.  Sing Star has gotten me through tough times in the past.  No one will ever see me sing, its something just for me.

I’ll end this blog by quoting a Feeder, lyric

“Its just the way I am feeling, yeah yeah, just the way I am feeling.”

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