Change: my friend, my enemy.


In life we often want to make changes. Sometimes they can be huge changes, lots of them and all at once.

Change is a natural part of the journey of life. It is often one of those things we hate, and sometimes it is not our decision.

How we react may be more in our control. Resilience differs from person to person. How we react to change will often be based on how we are feeling at the time.

I have been extremely cautious about making sweeping changes in my life during the pandemic. Life has been more influx than usual times, at least from my perspective.

I had started to find some contentment in my life, even with the lingering lockdown limitations. I was/still am determined to rebuild my life better than before the pandemic. I am cautiously trying to make a few positive changes in life, including dating someone for the first time in years.  One step at a time, with small positive adjustments.

I’ve recently suffered another loss in my family, its taken a huge amount of my personal  strength away.  My mental health has certainly taken a significant hit too.

I am focusing on the elements of my life that give me joy, strength and power right now.

This has led reminded me of how change can sweep through your life and leave nothing but devastation.

I also remind myself that there is joy in my life, and right now I am clinging to that.

I am writing this blog from a bench overlooking Dunbar Castle, in East Lothian, Scotland. This place holds so many memories of holidays from my distant past. I feel joy and sadness today.

As I write this, I am not ok. But, I have faith in myself that I will be… eventually.

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