Get Active Blog: If you feel unwell, rest up.


We live in difficult times. There are ups and downs.

I was so relieved to receive my first dose of the covid vaccination on Friday, but then my exercise training has taken a hit as I was rather unwell with side effects. But this downtime gave me some much needed thinking time.

Exercise is good for thr body, and it is great for our mind too. When we get unwell, exercise can become an unwanted additional strain on the body.

The body is working harder than normal to fight off the illness. Adding extra strain from exercise when ill can make you feel worse, or prolong the time it take you to recover.

I’ve said many times that it is important to listen to your body, particularly when undertaking or planning a workout. When you are ill this is a significant factor to consider.

It will always be your own judgement call. Doctors or medical professionals may tell you to rest, I’d recommend following this advice but it is all down to you.

I got side effects from the vaccination, but I knew why I was feeling unwell and listened to my body. By resting I knew I’d be back to exercising quicker.

This blog is not to put anyone off getting their covid jab. I am so happy and relieved to have received my first jab.

If you get invited to receive thr vaccination, please give serious consideration to accepting the appointment. It is totally worth it in my opinion.

Exercise is so important, but rest when yoir body tells you to.

Have a great week.

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