MIDWEEK: Blog and links roundup


Happy Wednesday.

I am glad of a change in the weather at the moment.  Winter can tough in many ways, less day light, cold weather and winter illnesses.  Mix in a lockdown, a pandemic and other restrictions, on paper this looks like a very grim time to be alive.

I could go in to details on the positives in life right now, I could continue to talk about the negatives too.  We are all in different places, we all find positives and negatives in a winter lockdown in our own ways.

I am going to simply I know times are tough, and it is ok to feel it.  And it is ok if you are thriving during lockdown – please do not feel guilty about this.

Right now, remember your selfcare. Do what you need to survive – its not selfish. If you have people in your care, if you do not look after yourself you won’t be in the best possible place to help them either.

Don’t forgot yourself – its ok to be put in that time for yourself.

Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com

Blog Round Up

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Articles Round Up

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BBC – Headroom – Your Mental Health Toolkit

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