Get Active Blog: Set Backs

I’ve had a minor setback with my exercise for the last week, I’ve hurt my shoulder.  It currently hurts if I try to lift my arm above shoulder height.  Yes this is a set back, but it doesn’t bring fitness to a griding halt for me.

I have a diverse workout regime, so I have adapted to work around the injury. I’ve switched my focus onto lower body activities: running, spin bike and walking.  I’ve kept moving and still felt I’ve made plenty of progress this week.

I’m still moving and working out plenty, but my shoulder is getting the rest it needs.  I do miss boxing and interval training but that can wait until my shoulder has healed.  I believe its muscular so I’m hoping to be back to those activities later this week.  But for now, I’ll keep moving.

This recent cold snap has held my running back a little, its been icy and really cold.  I’ve been cautious about pushing the distance too much during these conditions. But my other running goal is on speed – I’d like to get a 10K distance in under one hour.  I’ve got this to 1 hour 16 minutes, so I am happy with how this is progressing. My “comfortable distance” is 5.1 miles, which I can easily get in under one hour.

With exercise, there will be set backs but there are other options. I looked at my options, looked for a positive way forward and got on with it.

Set backs happen: but reset and restart.

Have a great week.

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