Midweek Blog & Round Up: 27 January 2021


Happy Wednesday

I hope you are all well.

It has been a busy few days for me, both in and out of work. I’ve been busy working on a new access process with a new team member, I think we are making a great new approach that’s really going to save many people (including myself) a lot of time.  It has been quite satisfying to push through these changes.  And yes sometimes it is the small things that can make you feel better.

At home I’ve been busy with things to boost my wellbeing too. I’m going through a bit of a reconfiguration of my office, with a new laptop and monitor to do my wellbeing work (the stuff that happens outside of work) on. And I have made some changes to my Cat’s routine, both feeding and where they sleep.  They are now sleeping on my bed at night, which has been an interesting experience.  Pudding (one of my cats) used to howl at night.  He is a very vocal cat, but would often just want a hug at 3am.  So now he sleeps on my bed, no howling.  So that has made me happy this week too.

Lockdown sucks.  Its hard for all, so I focus on what positives I can, and these are a couple I’ve had this week.  I enjoyed an unexpected online gaming session with a good friend last night too.  Two hours of Mario Kart on the switch… I’d never played it online before.  It was so fun 😊

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