Blog: Si puedes soñarlo puedes hacerlo

Hello I hope you are well. This blog is being written whilst I am sat on a bench at the end of South Port pier. “Si puedes soñarlo puedes hacerlo” A good friend of mine recently said this to me, he is Spanish. It translates to if you can dream it, you can do it….

Get Active Blog: Refresh

Hello World I hope everyone is doing well this week. I recently had a revamp of my exercise goals.  I found my previous goals were impacting my enjoyment, and it was time for a refresh. I am now focusing purely on the goals of boosting and maintaining intensity and keeping the exercise enjoyable. I’ve added…

Blog: Find your awesome

I had a great conversation yesterday at work – and to basically sum it up I said: “you don’t need to compete against anyone else in life to be awesome.” We often compare ourselves to others.  People are unique. All the complex factors that make up a life means we all have a unique existence….

Blog: My dream into a reality

Dreams – we all have them. Sometimes they are big, often they can be relatively small. Dreaming is important for our happiness and positivity, but turning this into a reality can seem like a massive barrier. Pursuing a dream can bring true contentment to our lives. I find the easiest way to turn a dream…