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We often dwell on the past, whether it’s a significant positive event in our lives or a moment of darkness. Past events can have a significant impact on who we are and can often change the direction of the journey that we are on.

Just as I think we should try to focus on the positives in life, right here and right now, when we look backwards focusing on the positives can also give us strength. Easier said than done sometimes, the darker parts of our past tend to dominate.

I have recently been having a big clear out at home in preparation for decorating. I found an old writing journal, this has a collection of creative writing, journals, and blog-style entries. I thought I had lost this notebook on holiday in Gibraltar last year. I was so glad to find it.

This journal covers the period from May 2019 to October 2021. I found an incredibly positive experience of reading through its content.  I will admit this journal contains some very dark thoughts. However, I still read these entries with joy. This experience has shown me how far I have come over the last three years. I have been through a lot (as have we all I am sure), but I am proud of how far I have come in this time.

The past version of me does not reflect who I am today. We can move on from past experiences. Reading through the journal told me a story of lost love, depression, anxiety and terror. That sounds quite negative, but the journal has also told the story of someone who gained confidence, found their voice, learned to be hopeful and reached a place of contentment. The journal ends with a creative piece I wrote called “awakening.” This short story is about finding our power. I think this reflects how I’ve developed over the last three years.

This all serves as a reminder – bad things happen in life that are out of our control. But we can learn to weather the bad times, build new coping tools and end in a place of hope.

That is called resilience.

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