I often talk about the importance of setting goals in the right way. Goals can help motivate us and help with positive future thinking. However, many of us fail when setting goals, as we only think about the headline outcome, we often forget to explore the steps we need to take to achieve the desired outcome. This often leads to failure.

Mind journals has realised an interesting article about how to set a goal in an achievable way.

Here is a short extract from this article:

“Knowing how to set goals is an important skill. It forces you to contemplate what you truly want out of life — but achieving your goals? Well, that’s a whole different ball game.

The truth is, most fail. And fail quickly. That’s no reflection on the people making (and breaking) their new routines. It happens because most of us have been going about goal setting all wrong.

We promise to do things like ‘eat better’ or ‘change jobs’ — vague statements with no action plan for what to do or how to deal with any roadblocks you might come across.

To make the next goal you set the one that sticks, follow this simple guide to goal setting.”

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