Ways To Boost Your Body Image

“Health and fitness are, obviously, pretty important, but cultural imperatives such as achieving a “summer” body that you can flaunt on the beach can have little to do with either. (And I say that as someone who’s written a few articles thereon, however well-intentioned.) Indeed, exercise and eating well may seem inherently good, but can, in excess, be problematic. What might be a healthier goal, then, is achieving a better body image: not a shirtless social media post, but rather the picture of your body that you form in your own mind. Because you can conform to society’s lean and muscular male beauty standard and still feel crap: I once transformed my body for pictures in a magazine – but the picture of it in my mind, not so much. And chances are it’s your mind, not your body, that could do with a transformation.”

This great article from Mr Porter covers 33 (yes, 33!) ways to boost body image, there are some great tips for you to consider:


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