Blog: Exercise when recovering from illness and injury


Exercising after an illness or an injury can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. It can feel like we are being held back and restricted whilst our body is in recovery mode

Pushing too hard with exercise too soon can lead to problems with our recovery. One of the best things to do is to listen tomorrow body. If your body is telling you to rest or slow down, then it’s a clear signal you need a change in your approach.

I find this frustrating too. Right now I cannot exercise with much intensity, something I am used to doing. My body is letting my exercise again, but it has to be light and of a lower intensity. I am glad that I am able to exercise again, this has been a good boost to my mental health. I have to remind myself that I am exercising to the best of my current ability. I need to be careful not to draw compare too closely to my pre-covid fitness level. That is how I am managing to keep my positive outlook on my exercise journey.

I love exercise, so I am grateful I am back to it. I’ve suspended my gym membership for two months to focus on lighter exercises at home. I work as hard with exercise as my body is letting me. I still have a few post covid symptoms, so I am planning exercises to be flexible so I can take extra rest. This might be extra rest days or just taking a break between specific movements .

Whatever injury or illness you might be on recovery from, listen to your body. It’s the best guide for your exercise recovery.

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