Blog: Down time



I’m currently on holiday in Lisbon. I’m writing this at Castelo de Sao Jorge. There are stunning views to be seen up here

This is my first trip overseas to visit somewhere new in over two years. Now I am here, I am so grateful to be able to explore somewhere new. And what a beautiful place this is.

Traveling to explore new places is something that brings me joy. Focusing on things in life that bring you joy is a great way to counteract the negative and difficult things in life.

It’s also been 2.5 months since I took time off work, that certainly has not helped how I have felt lately. I’ve not felt any anxiety so far today, which is the first time that has happened for over a month.

I will talk more about my recovery soon, but for now I wanted to keep this post light.

Take a break, be you and enjoy.

Here are a few photos of Lisbon:

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