Blog: Sleep Time



Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is well.

You might notice most days of the year are the official day for something or an awareness day.  Some of these I personally take more notice of than others (gotta love 19 September for talk like a pirate day!).

Anyway, today, 18 March is both world sleep day and my whole self day.  Both of these days serve as a great reminder to look after our own wellbeing.

My whole self day is encouraging us to bring our whole selves to work, and not be afraid to hide away parts of ourselves. By being our authentic self at work we can build a collective of people who feel more inclusive and can help promote positive wellbeing. Just being yourself at work can go along way to boosting our collective wellbeing.

As for world sleep day, well sleep is one of the best things for our health and wellbeing. Finding out just how much sleep you need and achieving it can really help give you a boost.

This weekend, I encourage you to think about just being you, and how well you sleep.  Both are priorities in life. No one has the right to tell you how you should live your life, just be your awesome self.

Some of you may have gathered that I’ve been enduring my own mental ill health journey in recent times. I’m still on the road to recovery and will be prioritising sleep and relaxation this week. I’ve got quite a sleep deficit now, so world sleep day is a timely reminder on the importance of sleep for our mental wellbeing.

One thing I am grateful for is that I work somewhere that I can be my whole self. I don’t have to hide away things that I wish to share.

I’ll follow the medical advice I’ve received to complete my recovery, but all the same I’m letting myself off the hook. Life is supposed to be messy – I write and say this a lot. My life got a little messy, and that is often out of our control.

I’m focusing on just being myself, and I hope you will always just be you also.

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