Blog: Stop being judgemental!



I hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, I’m finally taking my trip to Ashby de la zouch. I delayed this trip from last weekend due to the storms we were encountering and I’m very glad I did. I was originally due to visit Ashby back in 2020, but this is another one of those trips that fell victim to the pandemic. So I’m glad to be going.

Something I’ve noticed a lot recently, particularly within work, is people expressing opinions of how other people should live their lives. To make the situation worse, these same people expressing the opinions are being judgmental towards the other person for not living up to their opinion of how they should live. I even witnessed this in the place of work just yesterday. This needs to stop.

I’m sorry if this seems like a really obvious thing for me to say. If you have an opinion of how someone else should live their life, it is just that, an opinion. No other human being is required to live their life by how you view they should live it. It is basically none of your business. Countless times I am seeing this, it just causes hurt and pain. It troubles me that some people don’t recognise that this is a problem.

I wish I didn’t feel the need to write this blog, but it feels like it needs to be said. I’m not afraid of speaking up when I see something that does not feel right. I’m not shying away from this either.

If you are someone that judges someone for not living up to your expectation of how they should live their lives, I’d like for you to consider the hurt and damage that you could be causing to that individual. The other person does not have to live their life by your rules or views of what is right or wrong.

I’m also going to make what feels like an obvious statement. If another person is negatively affected by an event or issue and it is impacting their physical or mental health, then that is a problem regardless of your opinion. The issue that is bothering the other person may seem trivial to you and it might not stress you out, but regardless of your opinion, if it’s affecting them negatively it’s a problem.

This is a rather blunt message, but necessary. Life is difficult enough as it is situations like this making things worse.

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