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Let’s face it, life can be a bit full on sometimes. Even when there is not anything untoward going on, things can slowly build up a sense of pressure on you, which can lead to burn out.

Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier now we move into post pandemic restrictions.  Before the pandemic, life was busy for many of us, without time to just stop and take a break. For me, I am actively building in to my new normal more breaks just to enjoy life. I am gifting myself more time to stop.

I personally do not mind if my new normal is less busy. My mental health is benefiting immensely as I prioritise myself.

Right now, I am sat on a bench in the sunshine. I am surrounded by beautiful countryside. I can hear birds singing, it is so very peaceful. Right now I am taking an intermission from daily life. 

You matter. The things you love to do and that bring you joy matter. Prioritise them.

Will you take an intermission?

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  1. I often get an intermission. Sometimes forced on me because I wasn’t proactive on time. Wishing you a great week ahead and thank you for sharing your personal experience.


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