Blog: Carry on my wayward son


Life never stays the same. Change is constant, change is inevitable. All good things must come to an end. But in many endings you can find the next chapter.

As 2021 is coming to an end another chapter is closing, the year is changing. Many people find the new year to be a place and time to make a new beginning.

You don’t have to wait until a new year to make a change. You can start a new journey at a time and place of your choosing.

I felt a little bit emotional this evening I’ve been through an ending, And get a new beginning is on its way. This isn’t some big life changing moment, A TV show I have loved and followed for 15 years has come to an end. You might ask why I raised this example, a valid question. 15 years is a long time of my life and this TV show has given me great escapism during this time. Through the good times and the bad, supernatural has given me an escape. Of the darkest moments having an escapism with a TV show that I love has helped me to carry on.

The end of this TV show was of course emotional, as I expected it to be. But after the final episode ended, it has made me reminisce about the last 15 years of my life. There has been so much change, constant change. I spent the last 30 minutes thinking about the last 15 years, the good and bad times, the people who have come and left.

Change is constant. Change cannot be stopped. But you two half the power to make a change for yourself.

As I continue to think about the last 15 years and what 2022 might bring to my life I’ll say thank you for supernatural for helping me through this time of my life. On to the next.

And there is no other way that I could end this blog:

Carry on my wayward son.


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