Blog: Fear the future?


We cannot control the future and that is something many of us struggle with. The lack of control over our future and where we may end up is something that can cause great fear for people and it can really hold someone back. Your worries about the future can spill over and stifle the present.

This is something that I’ve experienced and that worked hard to manage this. Pulling myself into the moment focusing on the hear and now helps, unrecognising one grateful for can really help stop those fears from creeping in. Having coping techniques and stop mechanisms in place can really help with this.

I am thinking about the future and how we cope. There are so many unknowns about our future. I’ve been thinking about how we can positively move forward whilst maintaining positivity right here and right now.

One way that I help myself to have a more positive outlook for my personal future, is to have events planned that I look forward to. This doesn’t solve all problems about the unknowns of the future, but having things to look forward to adds in a sense of positivity about my future. Personally, I really enjoy travelling therefore having travel booked helps give me a sense of joy and positivity about things to come. I have some big adventures booked as well as some short weekends away but I look forward to them all equally. This helps me through the hard times by knowing there are still good things in my future that I will enjoy.

Another method I use is setting resolutions and using these to form goals to achieve in my future. Just to be clear I’m not talking about new years resolutions here, resolutions can work at any point of the calendar year. I decide what I want to do and achieve, I then write this down. Writing it down is the critical part. Generally, people make resolutions that are just a high-level statement and that’s as far as the thinking I think of goes. Within a few weeks nothing has happened and then they struggle to feel positive about this.

By writing my resolution down it is making me feel more accountable to achieve it. To help me achieve my goal I look at my resolution and it ought to rides bullet points underneath it. By breaking down my goal I can see how I can achieve what I want to do. And you can make progress quite quickly towards a goal, look at those steps and think what is one small thing I can do today to start the process to achieve my goal.

Having goals mapped out can add positive forward thinking into our lives. Mixing this together with events to look forward to can help with the negativity and fear we feel about the future at times

As I’ve said and written many times there is no one size fits all approach to wellbeing. This is just one of my personal methods to deal with the future and how I think of it. This can also help when the present is challenging.

Life is supposed to be messy. The present can be challenging and the future can be scary. This is the imperfection of life.

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