3 Signs You’re Overthinking Everything – And How To Stop


If we get stuck into a cycle of overthinking, it can be very difficult to pull ourselves way from that loop. I often use stop mechanisms to break that sort of cycle.

This is not the only method to stop over thinking though. Head over to the HuffPost to read a great article with tips

Here is a short extract:

While a little overthinking might not hurt, if it becomes a constant habit, it could be detrimental to your life.

We spoke to a life coach and therapist Rebecca Ore about how overthinking can manifest and what to do about it.

She says three of the symptoms of overthinking are:

  • You’re thinking about the same facts over and over and not taking any steps forward.
  • You believe you just haven’t found the ‘solution’ yet, and if you were to think about it just a little bit more you’d solve everything.
  • You’re not able to think about anything else. This one thing is consuming all of your brain’s energy and keeping you from being present in your day to day life”

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