Blog: Oh Joy


Hello everyone

Happy Friday from the Rock of Gibraltar.

I hope you are all well and the weekend is nearly here.

Do you ever have that feeling where you think you always have to be busy? Do you feel guilt when you find that you have some time to yourself and then think this other things that I should be doing.

I have had to change my relationship with the word should. For so long I would put the focus of my life I should be doing this right now. I think this comes down to guilt, I should be doing something else right now and it’s selfish just being me and focus on my needs.

This is where the big challenge comes in. To change our relationship with the word  should we need to challenge this feeling of guilt. It is OK to do nothing sometimes. We need to find time for ourselves to do something that brings us joy. So this doesn’t have to be literally nothing, but it’s finding something just for yourself.

As I’ve already said recently, self care is not selfish. Your own happiness is also not selfish, and it’s OK to focus  on happiness. Focusing on positive emotions including happiness will help build a strong resilience against many mental health conditions, as well as combating shorter term low moods and negative feelings.

 This weekend I have a challenge for you. Make time for yourself, do something that makes you happy and brings you joy.

What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?


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