Blog: Solo

I am currently on a sun lounger, basking in the lunchtime sunshine. The pool and view of the Rock of Gibraltar are stunning in the sunshine.

Some people would find it hard to cope, but I am here on my own, relaxed and happy. I get asked why I travel alone – I used to come up with answer to that in my head that would be a plausible and acceptable answer for someone else.

Then I realised, after quite some time this is, what they think about me does not matter at all. It has no baring on my life. If I get asked a question such as “why do you solo travel” I won’t even justify it with a response. I might even ask the person why it matters to them.

So many people expect you to live by their expectations of what your life should be. Even when you try to fulfil their vision for your life, they may still reject you.

This one can be hard to comprehend for some people, but you only need to focus on your own goals, expectations and happiness. You do not need validation from anyone to be happy.

I am not just writing this, for me this is lived experience. For so many years I pointlessly tried to seek approval and  validation from others. Whether this was the TV shows I like, to my body. And non of this led to happiness.

I found happiness in areas of my life simply by focusing on my self. My life, my goals, my happiness. I do not need anyone to validate my existence.

If I get asked to explain my choices, well I have one answer 🖕

Crude, but simple. My life to live.

Never be afraid to prioritise your happiness.

If someone disapproves of you, that is there problem.

Just find your awesome, and roll with it.

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