Blog: What do you need?


Self worth. Your own value. Contentment. Self care. Self love.

These are powerful statements, but many people view these as selfish. To focus on yourself is viewed by many as selfishness and quite ignorant. Yet these views are completely untrue in the case of self care.

Putting this into simple terms: if you do not focus on your own self care, then you won’t be best placed to provide care for other people. There is nothing selfish about that at all. For the people in your life you care for or assist in some way, your wellbeing and self care are a link in the chain. Strengthen one part and your chain gets stronger.

Yesterday I flew to Gibraltar. Just before we took off, the flight attendants carried out a safety demonstration. One of the key points is to fit your own air mask first before helping anyone else in the event of a cabin pressure emergency. That is self care at its purest form. If you do not fit your own mask first, you are not going to be well placed to help anyone else out.

Self care comes in many different forms. What you personally need to do will be different to my needs. Life is complex, so our self care needs will vary.

I need, personally, space and time to exist just on my own. It comes in different forms, sometimes I just need a few minutes between meetings or exercise to refocus me. Sometimes I needed to take more space, such as my current solo trip to Gibraltar. I have friends here, but I am also staying in my own apartment. I get to look after my self, focus on my needs whilst also seeing friends too.

Self care is not selfish. What do you need today?

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