Blog: No signal available


Hello World

I hope everyone is well, and happy Friday.

Today I visited National Trust Formby. This beautiful and (at least today) quiet, peaceful and silent beach was just stunning.

It was so great just to relax and just be with my thoughts, having a long beach walk and then my lunch sat on the sand dunes.

This experience was enhanced, by the lack of a phone signal. The whole area lacked any phone service for me. Ultimately I was very grateful for this. For five hours I had time to myself, with no interruptions.

This is a good reminder to disconnect sometimes. In this modern world we spend so much of our time connected to our digital existence, sometimes it can be easy to forget to look away from our screen to take in our surroundings.

We live in a beautiful world. This past week of travel has helped refresh me and to see the beauty of visiting many new places.

Formby was stunning. The peace and tranquillity will hopefully stay with me for awhile. As I hope the reminder to disconnect will too.

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