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Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well – and Happy Friday.  I am very ready for it this weekend.

Tomorrow, 27 March, represents 15 years since I started working in the civil service.  It doesn’t seem that long, but at age 37 its strange to think 15 years equates to large chunk of my life.  I’ve talked a few times about the passage of time, this is a major milestone in some respects, and in others it is simply a date on the calendar. Oh well, here is to the next year 😊

I was talking with a good friend recently about mental health and had a thought provoking chat about where we were at in life vs mental health. The conversation made me realise how much I do rely on self help techniques to manage my condition and remain (largely) functional. When it comes to treatment, coping and resilience techniques – there is no single course that acts as a one size fits all approach. My friend and I were talking about the power in finding the right path as individuals to help us recover / live / progress. We both admitted the hardest thing is to recognise to ourselves that something doesn’t feel quite right to us.

Seeking help, whether it is in the form of a medical professional, a mental health first aider or even a self-help route is a big and dauting step to many people. Admitting there is something we need to address can be the hardest thing.

I look back to the day I finally acted, I’d witnessed the tragic death of a 21 year old man from a heart attack.  I had also lost my dad in a sudden and shocking way just over a year prior to that.  That was my turning point, admitting this to myself was hard.  Making and going through with the GP appointment was a tough one too.  But I am grateful that I went through with it.

My friend and I talked about the importance of talking, how being open about mental health can help keep us on track.  For me personally, it is a form of self-help too.

Taking the step or decision to make a change is hard, its one you must choose to take in at your own pace.

I will leave you with that thought and wish you all a great weekend.

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