Get Active Blog: Pushing On

In my last exercise blog I talked about getting sufficient rest.  I’ve recently been doing quite a lot of intense exercise, which even though I do have a weekly rest day, had caught up to me.

I was able to get back out running on Saturday, and I even managed my longest run ever – 10.11 miles.  It took me around two hours, which is fairly consistent with my current running time over a 5 mile distance.

The rest made all the difference, I had more energy and more power to push through it.  The biggest struggle was the temperature, at just 1C it was very cold to be outdoors for two hours in running gear. 

I decided to do things differently today, instead of running two days consecutively, I switched this up for a 50 minute boxing workout instead- lower intensity than the 10 mile run and using different muscle groups.

The run yesterday whilst fun, completely wiped me out and it took several hours for me to warm up. I am going to have to consider the temperature next time I push the distance again.

But I am pleased I had those rest days and very happy with the exercise I had this weekend.

I plan to run tomorrow and attempt some interval training too.

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