Exercise: Listen to your body


The UK government recommends a minimum 2.5 hours of exercise per week.  It also recommends spreading this out over the course of a week, say four to five days a week to maximise the benefits.

Notice how the guidance does not suggest that you exercise seven days a week with no rest. Rest and recovery is vital to exercise and health regimes.

How much rest you need will depend on the type of exercise you do.  As an absolute minimum you’ll need one full day of rest per week.  If you are starting a new workout regime, you’ll likely need to adjust this and figure out what works.  I’ll be sharing more information on rest and workout planning very soon.

For me, one of the best measures of needing to rest is to listen to my body.  Two weeks ago I took up running, but today my old ankle injury is sore.  I need to listen to that message.  Yes I could go out and run tonight, I’ll probably manage it, but then potentially risk an injury that’s going to take time to heal and take me away from running.  So I listen to my body, and adapt my plans.  I can still exercise, but I’ll target a different area of my body. And I also don’t feel guilty about not going for the run, for the greater good I know it’s the right decision.  I can still exercise, which is something that brings me joy and boosts my wellbeing.

Diverse workouts are key too, if you only do a single form of exercise, its likely you are only targeting development of that one muscle group.  You can also plan out workouts so that some days have higher or lower intensity activities whilst benefitting from different muscle groups being targeted. I’ll have a full article on this point online soon.

I’ll leave you with a thought here.  What do you class as exercise? How do you define this?

A workout does not need to specifically be an exercise session.  Various types of house work can also elevate the heart rate.  If you are planning out your exercise, you might want to take into consideration some of the house work too.

I’ll be sharing all of my new content on this very soon.

But if you have any questions on listening to your body and rest, let me know!

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