Blog: Back to running, one week in


I took up running a week ago. The first week has been interesting. I have managed three runs that have been over 5km, another three of more than two miles.

I am pleased with this. I’ve noticed my body getting used to it, but it isnt necessarily easier every time. 

I should note I am very active and not new to exercise.  It has been ten years since I have done any serious running. This time I have no intention of doing any races. That doesn’t interest me. My own fitness journey is my motivation, with a goal to diversify my workouts. I am self motivated, but I a also 37, so I listen to my body and adapt accordingly.

A diverse workout regime helps me to target all areas of my muscle groups and give me more options if I’m sore or injured in one area.

What exercise do you enjoy? What nee exercise do you want to try? I’d love to hear.

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