Midweek Update 18 November 2020


Good Afternoon

It’s been another great week because on top of the amazing news of Better Days Wellbeing being shortlisted for a Wellbeing Award, we have also been nominated for a Innovation Award. Whatever the outcome, this is a great achievement. Thank you to you all for support in making us a success.

For me personally, it’s been a week of finding my motivation for running again. I’ve been running regularly however recently, it’s been very easy for me to find an excuse not to bother and to be honest, I’d not been enjoying it. James and I catch up regularly and I introduced him to the app that I use to track my runs. He’s shared his blog around his return to running after a significant amount of time and this made me question why I wasn’t really feeling it. The answer I came up with was that I’d fallen out of the habit of running once I had logged off for the day following working from home. I’ve started doing that again and it’s made a big difference and I intend to keep to it. Seeing other people sticking to it and sharing their success is also very inspiring.


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