Blog: Don’t tell me to man up!


Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend.

I was not supposed to be here this week, but life dealt me a lockdown and no holiday.  So here we are.

I am taking this afternoon off work – just to have some time to myself. It is my rest day from exercise, so apart from a steady walk, I’m going to relax and play some video games.  Losing yourself in a video game is also a great way to unwind and move past stress factors.  I picked up a new xbox this week, so I’ll relaxing with that this weekend.  I also think a horror film is on the cards tonight with it being Friday 13th.

I am just going to touch on something that’s been bugging me a little this week. I think its valid to challenge it.

I got told to


That is literally the worst piece of advice you could give me. Man Up – as if men are supposed to be strong and hide their feelings, and not show an ounce of emotion or vulnerarability. When this was said to me it made me sick. Honestly, telling me to man up will likely make me end a friendship. 

Generally men struggle with opening up about mental health concerns and generally talking about what they feel or are thinking. There is this a stereotype that men have to be masculine by not sharing thoughts, feelings and emotions.  I work hard to help everyone regardless of gender or indeed any of their personal circumstances or backgrounds.  Positivity Wellbeing is about being inclusive and welcoming to all, helping you to build positive coping methods in life whilst learning that it is also ok not to be ok.

Man Up is the total opposite of my approach, it make me so angry that this term is used so much in society. You’ll never here it from me and I’ll challenge it when I encounter it.  I have heard people with other gender identities being told to man up.  This needs to stop.

It is ok to not to be ok.  Its ok to talk about that, its ok not to talk about it too.  But you have feelings, thoughts, worries, joys and emotions.  Not just talking about the guys here, everyone. Be human, not a stereotype. 

Don’t man up.  Life is supposed to be messy. You’ve totally got this.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Totally agree, it is so sad how gender expectations are so prevalent that they literally drive so many off the edge. Allowing to go against the classic gender expectations, and show vulnerability is the most strong thing to do!

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