Blog: What I don’t want


Sometimes we know what we want and where we are heading on our journey through life. Having a plan and knowing our goals can be very comforting. But getting to that place can sometimes be quite difficult. This varies between people.

Perhaps you don’t know what you want right now or in the future, and that’s OK too. There are no rules in life to say you have to have things all figured out. After all life is made up of many different factors. Some people thrive on having no life plans and goals. People thrive on living spontaneously. Living in the moment can be a route to happiness for many.

What works best for you can also  shift depending on circumstances. In the past when I’ve been going through darker times, I’ve found great comfort in routines and have set plans to follow.

At the moment I have achieved contentment and happiness in some areas of my life by figuring out what I want. Some other factors in life are very up in the air and little is certain. In those areas I am working hard to keep myself balanced and off setting with positivity from other areas of my life.

My career is in a strange place. I figured out what I want by doing an exercise of examining what I don’t want. By making a list of what I don’t want from my next job, I could easily see what I wanted. So if you are struggling to figure out what you want in a big decision, take a time out. Flip the thought process around. Focus on what you don’t want. This might help to get you on track.

There’s no rules. People and circumstances change.

Do what makes you happy.


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