Blog: Covid day one


I returned from my Majorca in the early hours of this morning. The temperature for my entire stay was very high, 39c some days. This meant I have had dehydration issues at times.

This morning when I got home, I felt dehydrated, from travelling. When I fly, I still do a covid test before and after to manage my risk. Yesterday I was negative. Unfortunately this morning I tested positive for covid. I have immediately begun isolating at home.

So far my only symptom is a croaky voice, but speaking is not easy as a result. On the advice of others I am resting up and going to take everything one step at a time.

For three years I’ve heard everything on covid, the fear, facts and myths. I’ve heard the stories from friends qgi have had this.

I also need to look after my mental health whilst I endure this. I take small comfort that my positive test did not come until I had returned.

I certainly have fear right now. I don’t know where this is going to go for me. After all this time, I have covid.

I putting my health and wellbeing first until I am through this.

I have no road map for this.

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