How to Write an achievable To-Do List

I make to do lists, both in work and at home. It helps me keep some focus and, at least for me, a good way to manage my anxiety.

But, is your to do list effective or even manageable? It might be that the list has unrealistic timescales to get stuff done.

Head over to to read a great article on writing an achievable to do list. Go on, give your lists a boost today 🙂

Here is a short extract from the article:

“No matter how many productivity hacks you’ve tried, the one thing that is hard to shake is the overwhelming to-do list. When faced with a daunting task (or many daunting tasks), the first steps are always the most challenging. If this is the case for you, one approach is to make sure those first steps are as small as possible. I’m talking teensy, tiny baby steps. Whenever you’re stuck staring at a lofty to-do list, it might be time to break it down into the most doable to-do list you can dream up”

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