Blog: Do you practice escapism?


Hello everyone

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday morning. I am writing this from the beach in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. The sun is shining. Which is great as I need the break.

I’ve written a few times about the power of escapism. Freeing your mind from stress and worry is critical for positive wellbeing. It’s something that is hard to prescribe. We can suggest escapism, but what that looks like for each individual will differ.

If you are looking to practice some escapism, I’d first suggest looking at things that bring you joy and happiness, and push your focus towards that. Is there something there that both brings you joy and also allows your mind a break?

It can come in different forms, for me it is often dependent on how much free time I have. So right now, my escapism is an entire weekend away. Work last week took me to the point of burning out. Travel is something I enjoy, so my escapism is to the coast and a change of scenery away from everyday life. I am even getting to spend time on a beach today. But this is something I’ve been able to do as it’s the weekend .

If I have shorter amounts of time, say in an evening for lunch example, my escapism will look different. I will focus on things that bring me joy and allow headspace. This could be watching tv, a film or playing a video game.

I use exercise as escapism too, it’s something I enjoy having spent time identifying exercise I enjoy. It’s relaxing for my mind and is good for my body. I also finding combining exercise with a change if location to be good too.

It can be worth taking time to identify your escape options. If you become aware of what they are, you will be arming yourself for when you need them. This is a great way to boost your resilience too.

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