Blog: Solo travel



I hope everyone is well.

Today is 24 April, and I am currently on a sun lounger in Qawra, Malta. I am having a couple of chilled pool days before I start to explore. Tomorrow I am visiting the island of Comino and the waters of the blue lagoon.

I will also be doing a tour of Gozo and I’ve book a trip to watch the Malta fireworks festival. So lots of exploring coming up, but plenty of rest too. Right now I can be found by the pool with a Pina Colada 

Have you ever done a solo holiday? It can seem a daunting prospect for many, but it can be liberating too. It took me a while to gain some confidence to travel overseas alone. Though that being said my first trip on a plane as an adult was a month in Vancouver by myself.

I do like to travel, but have found being in a large group doesn’t work for me so well.  For now I am focusing on getting away and living my life. I try not to let others hol me back.

On my solo travels I do tend to meet people and sometimes make strong friendships. That is great for my wellbeing.

I’d love to hear other people’s experiences with solo travel!

But for now, enough writing. My glass is empty!

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