Blog: Disconnected joy

Many of us spend a lot of time online. Often we have q smart phone with us, which is a gateway to pretty much anything we can do online. Even if we aren’t using a smart phone, we could be watching television or listening to music streamed via the Internet. Even the ways we do many jobs have moved online .

For many parts of our Iives the Internet has been woven into the fabric of life.  The Internet has many advantages. Through the pandemic and lockdowns social media and messaging apps kept us connected, even when we could not easily be together physically. Our digital worlds are growing, and for many of us they are thriving.

I also enjoy periods of being disconnected. One major advantage of going to the gym for me, aside from the exercise, is that I disconnect during this time. My phone is left at home or in a locker. The gym is essential me time, I’m offline, I am just by myself. Aside from workout equipment, just a pen and note pad go in with me , as this has my exercise sessions plans in it. I find this regular disconnection in the gym to be calming.

I’m currently away for Easter weekend. This Internet data signal around where I am staying is weak to non existent. Right now I am sat writing in my notepad on a deck chair in the gardens of the beautiful Nunnington Hall. There’s no signal here, which is good. Its just me, the gardens and the sunshine. My digital world will be there waiting for me when I’m ready for it.

Right now my wellbeing is getting a boost from this disconnection, in a similar way to how I benefit from Internet free exercising.

Yes, this blog is digital, I typed it up after the disconnection. My digital world was waiting for me.

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