Blog: look to the future


Exercise is great for our wellbeing. Something I say quite a lot.

Currently I am still carrying an injury which impacts running. I could go out running, but to do I’d need to take a bunch of painkillers before I went out for a run. I’d then have to hope my ankle and foot hold up for the duration of the run. Afterwards it would also be possible my foot would be sore and painful for a few days.

I was finding over time this cycle was becoming a more frequent occurrence. I initially planned to take a short break to allow my injury to heal. During this time I started doing other exercises. I realised the focus on running had been to the detriment of other exercise. I love exercise, but it is also vital to manage a physical (invisible) disability and for my mental health.

I feel like I have found a new normal with my exercise. The last three months I have increased the intensity of my workouts, changed the timings to suit my mental health, and most importantly, I am enjoying it.

For now, my running days have come to an end. I enjoy going out for a run, but the pain and injury risk no longer feels worth it. I’m enjoying the new workout programme I have designed for myself. (I used to work as a gym fitness instructor).

I still plan to incorporate some running on a treadmill, as and when I can. But for now, I am looking to the future.

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