Blog: the clock will stop ticking


The clock keeps ticking and time goes on. But at some point life will end. You never quite know how or when that will be. Life is short.

Our journey on this planet is not limitless. What would you do if you knew this was your last day to be alive?

That’s quite scary to think about isn’t it. My point is don’t put of the things you want to do. Life is so short.

There’s so much I held back from doing when I was younger. I hated my body and did not have any sense of self worth. For so long just to live in the shadows is all.i thought I’d ever achieve. There was always stuff I wanted to do, but negative thoughts held me back.

But throughout all this the clock kept ticking, I got older.

I changed, just for me. I got stronger and faced my demon through dark times. I’m older, but no old. I focus on the things that make me happy to try and thrive through darker times.

Life is short, the clock keeps ticking. What are you waiting for?

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