Blog: Rubbish?


Hello All

I hope everyone is well. Its been a big and crazy week for me between this being my final week in my current job, a trip to the hospital and also a trip to London for an awards ceremony. I’m certainly ready for the weekend when it gets here!

Anyway, I have been so busy this week I’ve not had time to write, so lets get to it 🙂

Do you apologise for who you are?

Do you say sorry I have been rubbish?

Do you self-deprecate to make others feel better?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please stop it. You are enough, you are where you are at in life – we have to accept that. We cannot control everything, and there is no need to apologise or diminish your achievements in life to satisfy other people. The opinions of others actually mean less than nothing.

Be your awesome self – that’s enough in life.

Life is supposed to be messy – mine certainly is! We are all humans, we have our own unique journeys through this world. We all have stuff going on, and it might be things other people are unaware of. You don’t need to put yourself down.  Quite the opposite, embrace the mess. Be yourself – and never apologise for just being you.

Whoever you are reading this – you’ve got this, you are enough. I’m saying this from my own lived experience too.

I want to end this by sharing a photo I saw on social media last night.

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