Blog: Grief

This blog was written on 13 November:

Be grateful for the people in life who add real value to your existence.

People come and go in life. Friends and family grow closer, and also drift apart.  It is a normal process in life.

Sometimes we lose people to death. This can be particularly difficult to endure.  A loss, is a loss whatever form it comes in.  I’ve been told that time heals all when it comes to grief.  It has been nearly four years since my Dad passed away.  I can safely say time does not heal anything.  Grief remains with you.  The form of the grief shifts, but is ever present.

Today (13 November 2021) I have visited Rosedale Head in North Yorkshire, the place where we scattered my Dad’s ashes.  It is a three mile walk to his resting place, this was a very emotional experience for me.  It was very sad to feel his loss and absence, but it was also an opportunity to remember the good of his life.

It rained for the first part of the walk, but as I reached my Dad’s resting place, the rain stopped quite suddenly and the sun made a brief appearance. The view was stunning with the sun light cutting through the rain clouds for a short time.

The area was very quiet, it was early on a Saturday morning.  I’d intended just to go, say hello and remember him.  I got caught up in the emotions and ended up singing one of my Dad’s favourite songs.  This was unplanned but felt I needed it at that very moment.

This was my first visit to his resting place on Rosedale Head since April, it is a fairly remote area in the North Yorkshire moors.  I am grateful I was able to visit before winter arrives.

Grief and loss never leave you.  The grief changes in form, but there is always a gap when a loved one leaves our world.

I love you Dad.

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